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SHELF LIFE IS 12 MONTHS: To optimize life, products should be stored at (77° or cooler) in a dry place with minimal exposure to direct light. Keep the lid tightly closed.

Our capsicum warming pain relief gel is supremely relaxing and provides a powerful warming sensation. This product is used to provide relief from muscle, and joint pain, stiff joints, soreness, arthritis, tendonitis, knee, and shoulder pain and can be applied to sore areas on the entire body daily. Suited for professionals and athletes and anyone with hard-working hands or on larger muscle areas, this gel will provide a long-lasting effect with consistent use.

DIRECTIONS: Use whenever needed.



Capsicum (Capsaicin) is taken from chili peppers. It works mainly by reducing Substance P, a pain transmitter in your nerves. When you put capsaicin on your skin, you help block pain messages to your nerves. Results from RCTs assessing its role in treating osteoarthritis suggest that it can be effective in reducing pain and tenderness in affected joints.

White Camphor is a topical analgesic. It helps treat muscle aches and pains, while stimulating circulation, by interacting with receptors on the sensory nerves. Camphor can also help reduce chronic muscle and joint pain over longer periods.

Sweet Basil Leaf Oil eases minor skin irritations, cramps, joint pain, muscular aches, spasms, and gout.

Black Pepper Oil boosts blood circulation and flushes away the pain.

Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile Flower Oils are anti-inflammatory and have pain-relieving properties for conditions such as back pain, neuralgia, or arthritis.

Peppermint and Spearmint Oil have been found to eliminate harmful bacteria, relieve muscle spasms, disinfect and soothe inflamed skin, and release muscle tension when used in a massage

Ginger Root Oil treats pain, topically. including muscle soreness, and joint pain. Has a warming and stimulating effect on the skin and mind. Exhibits anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pine Needle Oil is known to soothe inflammation, soreness, aches, pain, and gout; to stimulate and enhance circulation; to facilitate the healing of scratches, cuts, wounds, and burns; to promote the regeneration of new skin; to reduce pain; and, to relieve muscle fatigue.

Pink Grapefruit Peel Oil helps reduce swelling and pain.

Great for Joint & Muscle Pain - Arthritis -Stiff Joints -Tendonitis - Knee, Hand,  Sciatica, itchy, cramps, Shoulder Pain, and More.



INGREDIENTS:  Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Menthol, Capsicum Fruit Oleoresin, White Camphor Bark Oil, Black Pepper Oil, German Chamomile, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Helichrysum Flower Oil, Peppermint Oil, Roman Chamomile, Ginger Root Oil, Chili peppers.  

This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Any Disease.

 DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND ALWAYS DO THE 24-HOUR SKIN TEST FOR ALLERGIES. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Some products may cause an allergic reaction based on the ingredients. If an allergic reaction occurs, SHAKIM CREATION BEAUTY SUPPLY will not be liable or responsible for illness or allergic reaction.

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Customer Reviews

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First time customer

I tried this amazing cream and this is no lie. I have RA and the joint pain in my ankles was really painful. Sharon told me about the capsicum I tried it for two weeks using it 3 times daily. I got the most amazing results. The ankle I was getting shots in the pain is gone. My right ankle that was compensating for the week one has improved 75% better as well. I use it faithfully and will continue to do so. Thank you so much Sharon for introducing to your amazing product. Capsicum warming gel.


Update on this product:
I woke up to a horrible painful cramp in my leg that I just couldn't shake off. I thought about the cream and applied it. Instantly! I mean Instantly the cramp left and I was able to go back to sleep without it returning. I'm sure the Artic Freeze would of done the same thing. I just happened to grab the capsicum first.🤗


This product worked well with causing my muscles to relax which reduced the pain/ pressure that I was experiencing in my back. If you suffer from joint pain especially when it is cold. This product is a must try. Just know that it gets hot and if compressed the heat will increase. This warning sensation will counteract the joint pain from the cold air or weather.

Patricia Lewis
Pain relief gel

Love the Capsicum warming pain relief gel. I bought a jar on Saturday and put some on my back as I have really bad back problems and let me tell you that it works great and my back feels so good. Before I put some on I was doing some housework and my back was in a lot of pain so I tried it and I felt like a new person. I give it a five star.

Capsicum Warming Pain Relief and Arctic Freeze Joint and Muscle Gel

I showed up at Shakim Creation Beauty to get my hair treated. I walked in limping all weekend I had been having pain in my left knee not able to bend it and it was swollen. I mentioned to Sharon I’m going to go to the emergency room it’s hurting pretty bad and she suggested the Capsicum Cream and the Arctic Freeze Joint and Muscle Gel, gave me a sample of each. I rubbed them on my knee I felt a cool sensation and then a warm sedation before leaving the Salon my knee was feeling much better and I was not limping and my knee is no longer paining me and I am able to bend my knee with no pain. Thank you Sharon for suggesting both the Capsicum Warming Pain Relief and the Arctic Freeze Joint and Muscle Gel. I purchased both Sharon said you can wait until after you finish your samples I didn’t wait because this helped me so quickly I wanted to be ready when the samples are gone.