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Hair Growth Scalp Food

If you’re looking for a nature-made, amazing, light-weight balm that will help you grow long, healthy hair then this is the product for you. This buttery soft balm contains just the right amount of healthy ingredients combined to stimulate the follicles for improved, long-lasting hair growth. Hemp Seed Oil: - One of the benefits of hemp oil for hair is its moisturizing properties. Hemp oil will prevent water loss and inject moisture into the hair and scalp, it also helps to enhance the growth of hair.

This product is packed with Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids, which are extremely helpful in stimulating hair growth. Olive Oil: - Olive oil's vitamins and nutrients may help make hair strands thicker, which gives the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

INGREDIENTS: Grapeseed oil, olive oil, spinach oil, kale, Hemp, peppermint, and vitamin E.

Honey Nectar- Scalp Treatment

Honey has long been known for its ability to moisturize dry scalps, which opens the hair follicles and stimulates growth. With our amazing hair balm featuring sweet honey nectar, we have also blended a unique mixture of natural oils such as Grapeseed and Avocado that are proven to provide the nutrients necessary for optimum hair growth. This lightweight, non-greasy balm absorbs directly into the scalp.

NGREDIENTS: Grapeseed oil, sunflower oil. Avocado oil, Shae Butter, Babassu oil, Honey, Jojoba oil, Broccoli oil, Vitamin E.


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